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2" Boom's Rotary Atomizer



Complete Stainless Steel Rotary Atomizer for 2" Booms.

 Rotary Atomizer for 2" Booms

  1. Securing Ring (Z20224-05-04);
  2. Cap (Z20224-05-02);
  3. Viton Diaphragm (Z20224-05-05);
  4. 1/2" Diaphragm Check Valve Body (Z20224-05-01) - For the Complete Diaphragm Check Valve, please see Z20224-05-1/2";
  5. Brass Nut (Z20224-01-09);
  6. Washer (Z20224-02-05);
  7. Polyurethane Bush (Z20224-02-04);
  8. Bush Pipe (Z20224-02-03);
  9. 2" Boom's Mounting Clamp (Z40224-02);
  10. Brass Bushing (Z20224-01-10);
  11. Hub Body Assembly (Z20224-01-01);
  12. Fan Blades:
    • Wide: Z20224-01-08;
    • Medium: Z50224-01-08;
    • Short: Z80224-01-08;
  13. Snap Ring I-35 (Z20224-01-02-04);
  14. Grease Nipple (Z20224-01-01-03);
  15. Bearing (Z20224-01-02-03);
  16. Bearing Spacer - Inside (Z20224-01-02-06);
  17. Bearing Spacer - Outside (Z20224-01-02-05);
  18. Bearing Housing (Z20224-01-02-07);
  19. V'Ring (Z20224-01-05);
  20. Deflector Ring (Z20224-01-04);
  21. Shaft (Z20224-01-03-01);
  22. Spring Clip (Z20224-01-03-05);
  23. Teflon (Z20224-01-03-04);
  24. Spring (Z20224-01-03-03);
  25. Viton Ring (Z20224-01-03-02-03);
  26. Retention Valve (Z20224-01-03-02);
  27. Deflector Disc (Z20224-01-07);
  28. Atomizer Gauze:
  29. Deflector Cap (Z20224-01-13).

*Please inform the desired type of blade and atomizer gauze. This rotary atomizer version is intended for use on 2"-profile booms, normally used on Air Tractor and Thrush aircraft. For 1 1/2"-profile booms, see the Z20224 rotary atomizer. For further information, consult the manual available below or contact the Zanoni technical team.

** The Variable Restrictor Unit (VRU) used in the rotary atomizer is a separate item. For more information, see Z20224-03-1/2".

Click here to see more information about the performance of the atomizer on agronomic tests.

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