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2" WATER PUMP (Honda GX200 engine)



2" Stainless Steel Water Pump for Honda GX200 engine:

2" Volute for Motorpump (Honda, Branco or Búfalo Engine - Keyed Shaft)

  1. Pump Body (Z00214-02-02);
  2. 2" Threaded Outlet (Z00214-02-04);
  3. Impeller Housing (Z00210-03);
  4. Keyed Impeller (Z00215-05);
  5. Seal (Z00215-14);
  6. O'Ring 267 (Z00215-13);
  7. Seal Cup Assy (Z00211-02-01).

Part of the Zanoni Z00218 water pumps.

This is an old version of the Z00216M-02 and is no longer manufactured.

Keyed shaft (check suitability for your engine model).

Also available for engines from Brazilian brands (Branco and Buffalo).

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