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3" Stainless Steel Water Pump (Honda GX390 Engine - Keyed Shaft).

3" Motorpump (13HP Honda Engine - Keyed Shaft)

  1. Pump Body (Z00220-02-02);
  2. 3" Threaded Outlet (Z00210-02-04);
  3. Impeller Housing (Z00220-03);
  4. Impeller (Z00220-05);
  5. Seal (Z00305-14);
  6. O'Ring 268 (Z00220-13);
  7. Seal Cup Assy (Z00220-02-01);
  8. Pump Mounting (Z00219-06);
  9. Honda Engine.

This is an old version of the Z00220M water pump and is no longer in production.

For the pump without the engine, please see Z00219-02.

*In Brazil, we manufacture a wide variety of pumps for various engine brands, the most common of which are Honda, Toyama, Buffalo and Branco (the latter two being Brazilian brands). We also supply the pumps to the main manufacturers of mixing tank in our country. For our foreign customers, we mainly sell the pumps for Honda's GX line, type Q, that is, only the pump, without the engine. For more engine options, please consult our foreign distributors, who are responsible for integrating Zanoni pumps with the best-selling engines in your country or for selling the Zanoni ground pump so that you can install it on your engine. If you are interested in other engine options, feel free to contact the Zanoni team.

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