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Zanoni Fire Gate Boxes

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Since 2006, Zanoni Equipamentos has been designing and developing a series of gate boxes to adapt agricultural aircraft for firefighting work. In response to the demands of the Brazilian agricultural fleet, we have endeavored to offer the best solutions for this activity, in order to respond to the specific needs of operators around the world. After years of working together with companies, pilots and researchers, we have consolidated ourselves as the main supplier of this type of technology in South America, with four gates available to our partners:

Zanoni Fire Gate Boxes Zanoni Fire Gate Boxes Zanoni Fire Gate Boxes Zanoni Fire Gate Boxes
13-inch hydraulic fire gates for Air Tractor and Thrush. 10-inch hydraulic fire gates for Air Tractor and Thrush. Mechanical fire gates for Air Tractor and Thrush. Mechanical fire gates for Embraer Ipanema.


Zanoni's history in the firefighting industry

Zanoni Equipamentos developed its first equipment for adapting agricultural aircraft for firefighting in 2006, installing a manual gate on an Air Tractor aircraft of Tucano Aviação Agrícola. In 2015, the first hydraulic gate models were tested on Air Tractor aircraft. Three years later, the hydraulic gates started to have a sensor to regulate the opening of the equipment. In addition to turbo aircrafts, we have also started to install manual gates on smaller piston aircrafts. We currently have over one hundred fire gates in operation in all regions of Brazil and also in countries in South America and Africa.   ZANONI FIRE GATE BOXES


Manual fire gates

Zanoni manual gates are equipment designed exclusively for firefighting. They offer a much larger opening than the conventional gate box, allowing for a much quicker dumping of the aircraft's hopper. Although it is not adaptable to the aircraft's spraying system (it is necessary to replace it with the common gate box for agricultural work), it was designed to provide a quick change (through an easy-to-remove door and location for installing the conventional gate box) in the fire gate itself. We offer models of manual fire gates for Air Tractor, Thrush and Embraer Ipanema aircraft.   ZANONI FIRE GATE BOXES


Hydraulic fire gates


Zanoni hydraulic gates are the most versatile equipment for adapting agricultural aircraft to fire fighting. In addition to offering a larger opening than the conventional gate box (enabling a much faster dumping of the aircraft's hopper), they are adaptable to the aircraft's spraying system.


Once the hydraulic gate is installed, it is no longer necessary to make any changes or remove it for agricultural operation. This technology has been improved over the years, with improvements in the hydraulic control (for faster opening and closing of the door) and with the development of an opening regulation system (for the dipersion of solids). In addition, we currently have some projects under development and under testing to further improve the quality of its operation, both for firefighting and for other activities.

Installation without the need to remove the spray system;

  1. Larger opening than the aircraft's conventional gate box;
  2. Opening adjustment system (for dispersion of solids);
  3. Equipment most used by agricultural aircraft for firefighting in South America.

In 2020, we launched a new model of hydraulic gate, with 13 inches. In addition to a larger door, the new technology has a more modern hydraulic system, with faster opening and greater operational safety.

The equipment has the same versatility characteristics as the previous models (connectable to the spray system), but with better results. According to feedback from partners who installed the new prototypes, the new Zanoni gate offers results similar to longitudinal gates, being efficient for fighting fire even in high-density vegetation.

  Zanoni Fire Gate Boxes


Promotion of the firefighting activity


In recent years, Zanoni Equipamentos has sought to help strengthen the image of agricultural aviation and promote firefighting activities. We have intensified our activities in social networks and traditional media to demonstrate the importance played by our industry in the care of the environment, showing to a wider audience the work carried out by our pilots and business partners in this area. Together with SINDAG, IBRAVAG and other interested entities, we have supported the holding of seminars and debates so that the industry can move forward in different agendas related to firefighting, including political, private sector coordination and development of new technologies. In addition, we seek to support instructional, teaching and research activities in this area, with the purpose of contributing that the world has a fleet prepared for environmental challenges and for taking care of our nature.


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