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Zanoni Spray Systems

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Zanoni spray systems


Zanoni Equipamentos has been designing and developing spraying systems for agricultural aircraft since the beginning of our activities in 1997. Pioneer in the use of stainless steel and a leader in the industry throughout Latin America, we have stood out for offering products of the finest quality and highest durability for several aircraft models, including Air Tractor, Thrush, Cessna, Pawnee, and Embraer.


Spray Pumps

Spray pumps are one of the flagships of Zanoni Equipamentos, with more than 2000 of these equipments in operation all over the world, in the most diverse types of aircraft:

  • 100% stainless steel structure, including internal and external parts;
  • Tungsten and silicon carbide seal, to ensure the best sealing;
  • High durability electric brake;
  • Square-shaped shaft, increasing its useful life;
  • Necessary strength for any job;
  • Options in different sizes, depending on the need of the aircraft.



Zanoni Equipamentos manufactures a wide range of valves for agricultural aircraft, including spray control valves, loader valves and shut-off valves. Since 2009, we have started to supply the Agflow flowmeter valves and the 3-way valves to Agnav, the global leader in the DGPS systems segment for agricultural aircraft:

  • 100% stainless steel;
  • Great durability against corrosion;
  • Easy inspection and maintenance;
  • Guaranteed accuracy in flow control;
  • Developed for different types of aircraft, in different measures.


Pipes, strainers and booms

We also offer all the other parts that make up the spray systems of agricultural aircraft, including strainers, pipes, booms, hangers, couplings, flanges, rods and gate boxes:

  • Dual supply system (right-left), to speed up the loading of agrochemicals on the aircraft;
  • Filtration system between the spray pump and the spray valve, to protect the flowmeter;
  • Stainless steel products (mostly 316L steel), developed for a long service life with incomparable durability when compared to other conventional materials;
  • High level finish, with an internationally recognized weld quality;
  • Equipment developed on demand, according to the needs of each partner;
  • High quality control, guaranteeing regularity to the manufactured products.


The Zanoni brand


Special service

Since the beginning of our activities, Zanoni Equipamentos has been recognized for the quality of assistance offered to our partners. With the mission of generating profitability in the aerial application through the research and development of quality products, our main value is customer satisfaction. We always seek to understand each individual's need and work to build a relationship of trust and loyalty with everyone:

  • Customer service team always available to all partners;
  • Engineering team fully dedicated to solving customer problems;
  • Constant increase in productive capacity to meet new demands and urgencies;
  • Partnership with experts and local distributors to offer the best possible assistance.


Commitment to the industry

Zanoni Equipamentos is a company fully committed to the agricultural aviation. Our history is intertwined with the history of aerial application, contributing to being one of the world references in the aeroagricultural industry:

  • Development of innovative technologies that meet the needs of operators all around the world;
  • Continuous participation in agricultural aviation conventions and support to organizations like SINDAG, NAAA, CAAA, FEARCA, ANEPA etc.
  • Association with foreign partners and participation in international fairs to keep up with industry developments and be able to bring innovations to customers;
  • Constant investments in research, both in the field and in laboratories, in order to improve our products and offer accurate and transparent data to its users;
  • Constant dialogue with operators, entrepreneurs, pilots, agronomists, researchers and other stakeholders in the industry;
  • Support for agricultural aviation instruction, training, coordination and advertising initiatives.


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