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Ag Aviation Conventions in 2019

Zanoni Equipamentos attended events in Brazil, South America and the United States

13/07/2024 ás 23h07

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2019 was another cicle of prosperity for ag aviation in the world. It is a great satisfaction to see how much the industry has been developing in recent years, representing an important role for agriculture in Brazil and worldwide, of which Zanoni Equipamentos is honored to collaborate. We attented several conventions during the year, seeking to maintain constant contact with Brazilian and foreign pilots and entrepreneurs, as a way to fulfill our mission of developing quality products.

Participating for the twentieth time in the Brazilian National Agricultural Aviation Congress (the second biggest ag aviation convention in the world), we took the opportunity to discuss problems in the aerial spraying industry and also to present news. In constant dialogue with our partners, from the cropfields to this fun and fundamental event that became the SINDAG Convention, our technical team reinforces the commitment to offer the best solutions and the necessary assistance to our customers. And, of course, to celebrate the good results and successes of all participants in the industry.

In addition to the intense conversations, essential for understanding the needs of pilots and companies, we have also presented some innovations that were developed during the last year, such as the eight-bladed spray pump (which offers the necessary power for any type of spraying), the fire gate box with opening adjustment and the new generation of load pumps. The company thanks the Brazilian pilots for the confidence placed in our work and we emphasize the importance of our partners’ feedback for the continuous improvement of our product line.

We were also at the XXVIII Mercosur and Latin American Agricultural Aviation Congress, organized by ANEPA in Uruguay, where we had the pleasure of meeting old friends, listening to pilots' new problems and introducing Brazilian technologies to our neighbors. Believing that cooperation between different countries is essential for the development of agriculture, we are strengthening our ties with Latin partners to facilitate their access to Zanoni products through local companies and to exchange experiences and innovations.

We closed the year participating once again at the NAAA Convention, this year in Orlando, Florida. For some years we have been working hard to strengthen our contacts with partners in North America, seeking to offer new solutions and technologies to agricultural pilots and to contribute in whatever way possible to the evolution of our industry worldwide. In addition to a busy booth, where we had the opportunity to present some of our work to US operators, the trade fair was very useful for strengthening our cooperation with companies in the country, such as Turbine and AgNav. The event also gave us the opportunity, together with Bill Hatfield, to present our partnership with Turbine Conversions and to tell the Americans about the Brazilian ag aviation industry, talking a little about our fleet and pilots, regulations, history, and an overall picture of agriculture in Brazil. We thank our compatriots who were also there, helping to publicize the evolution that we have seen here in recent years and contributing to bring more technologies and innovations to Brazil.

We are very happy to have finished another year of hard work, learning and success, sharing experiences between pilots and other agricultural aviation workers worldwide. Zanoni Equipamentos remains committed to understanding the individual needs of each of our partners and working to build a relationship of trust and loyalty with all of you.

Ag Aviation Conventions in 2019

Presentation of a fire fighting operation during 2019 SINDAG Convention, with a Zanoni Fire Gate Box: https://www.instagram.com/p/B0o0hJFnr8e/ 

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