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Zanoni expands its international operations

We strengthened our network of distributors around the world and within Brazil, as a way of guaranteeing better technical assistance and faster delivery of products to operators.

09/04/2024 ás 09h04

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Zanoni expands its international operations


During 2022, we consolidated ourselves in all the main world agricultural aviation markets. In addition to serving operators in more than 30 countries, on all continents, we now have direct operations in Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, the United States, Canada, South Africa and Australia, besiedes our network of partners in all regions of Brazil. With local parts stocks and ongoing technical training, our dealer network is now able to provide better service to end customers.


For some years, we have been working in partnership with the two Air Tractor dealers in the country (AgSur and Falconer), mainly with our gates for fire fighting. Due to the similarities between our countries, this line has received great acceptance by our neighbors, who already operate dozens of our equipment. The two companies, in addition to reselling the product, have offered technical support for installation and maintenance, having a stock of spare parts for emergencies. They have also contributed to the instruction of pilots in firefighting activities, helping to popularize this service.


In Colombia, our operation has been carried out through Fabian Villarraga Daza, coordinator of the company Fumivilla SAS. The partnership began with the acquisition of products for their own use, as they are also an aerial application company, and later evolved into the distribution of products throughout the country. Our work has focused on spraying systems, which have received great acceptance in the market due to their superior durability compared to North American brands used locally. In addition, our rotary atomizers have received very positive feedback from Colombian agronomists, offering a differentiated application quality compared to other nozzles available in the region.

Central America and Mexico

Since 2018 we have been working together with the company Conversiones S.A., and ag aviation company and aeronautical maintenance workshop in Guatemala. The company stocks our spray systems (including pumps, valves, booms and filters) for Thrush, Air Tractor and Pawnee aircraft and serves operators in their home country as well as in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras and Mexico. As in other Latin countries, a good part of the local fleet has replaced equipment from other brands with our products, due to the greater durability of our technologies compared to those manufactured in the USA.

North America

For 5 years we have been working in partnership with Turbine Conversions, for the distribution of our products to the US and Canada market and also in the development of new technologies. The company was founded by Bill Hatfield, an ag pilot for six decades and also a developer of piston-to-turbine aircraft conversions and single point systems. Currently, Mark Grahek (Bill's son-in-law) is responsible for representing our products there. In addition to the growing acceptance across the US agricultural aviation market for our spray systems (including pumps, filters, booms and valves), they have also been using our atomizers in large numbers for mosquito control in the US and for of forest pests in Canada.


In Africa, our partnership with Dellair has helped dozens of ag pilots get faster service. The company joined Zanoni two years ago, with the aim of having a stock of replacement parts on hand for African agricultural operators. The partnership emerged after years of work by Zanoni in South Africa, where we already had a network of customers since 2005. Danie and Lizelle Vermeulen now provide technical assistance in the maintenance and installation of our spraying systems and fire gates, which today are already the products better accepted in Africa, due to similarities between the two markets in the South Atlantic.


Last year, we formalized a new partnership with another Air Tractor dealership. FieldAir, which serves operators in Oceania and Southeast Asia, now also distributes our spray systems through its base in Australia. After the first crop season, feedback from local pilots was very positive, due to the superiority of our equipment and its ease of use.

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