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Zanoni promotes another cycle of aircraft clinics

Zanoni's research and development team participated in the initiative promoted by Sabri for another year. In 2022, we followed the field work in Bahia, Mato Grosso and São Paulo states and promoted interesting debates on the use of rotary atomizers and fire gates.

15/07/2024 ás 07h07

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For another year, we were in the field during the pre-season to monitor the work of our partners. Together with Sabri's team of specialists in aerial application, we promoted some events where we were able to hear the demands and complaints of the Brazilian ag aviation industry, evaluate the performance of our equipment and promote interesting conversations with pilots and technicians about the daily operation of aerial application. In 2022, we participated in the Clinics held in Orlândia (at Tangará Aeroagrícola), in Lucas do Rio Verde (at Santa Fé Aviação Agrícola), in Luís Eduardo Magalhães (at ABA Manutenção de Aeronaves), Sorriso (Agrifor) and in Primavera do Leste (at Rambo Aviação Agrícola).

Zanoni participates in another cycle of aircraft clinics

Aerial firefighting

One of the news of this year was the proposal for debates on aerial firefighting technologies. Just like pesticide application technologies require specific knowledge and proper calibration to ensure good results, fire control also has several specificities that require care on the part of operators. After promoting the first research project ever carried out in Brazil, we have sought to share the information collected with pilots and technicians, in order to contribute to the evolution of the industry.

It is crucial for the evolution of the activity and to ensure the development of this market that the professionals involved are trained. It is also very important that the correct technologies are used, to ensure that firefighting with agricultural aircraft is efficient and gains the support of farmers and other interested parties.

Rotary atomizers and low volume applications

In addition to the new in the area of gates and firefighting, we maintained our commitment to monitor the performance of our rotary atomizers in the field. By evaluating the droplet spectrum and the effective swath width, we can check whether our equipment is guaranteeing operators maximum efficiency and operational safety. We once again had the opportunity to monitor our different atomizer models (M2.5, M3 and M14) on the most varied aircraft (Ipanema, Air Tractors and Thrush) and ensure that they are offering what operators are looking for in terms of application technology at low volume on row crops.

Due to the sensitivity of low-volume applications, near-perfect equipment calibration is required. Zanoni Equipamentos, through its Aerial Application Technologies Research & Development Program, has constantly invested to understand the performance of our rotary atomizers and to always be at the forefront in the development of solutions and innovations for agricultural aviation.

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