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Couple of Main Seals (Teflon) for the following valves:

  • Cessna 188's Spray Control Valve (Z18842E);
  • Cessna 188's Loader Valves (Z18840 and Z18843);
  • Ipanema's Spray Control Valve (Z20242E);
  • Ipanema's Loader Valves (Z20240 and Z20243);
  • Ipanema's Shut-Off Valve (Z20205E);
  • Pawnee's Spray Control Valve (Z23542E);
  • Pawnee's Loader Valve (Z23540);
  • Flow Valve w/ 1 ½" Inlet and Outlet (Z20240V4-P);
  • Electric Spray Control Valve 1 1/2" (Z23542EE).
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