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Old version of the Thrush 510's spray pump.

This model is the previous version of the pump (Z51030EN) and is no longer manufactured, being on the website only for information about spares.

  1. Spinning Screw (Z20230E-09);
  2. Spiner (Z20230E-07);
  3. Blade Support (Z40230E-03);
  4. Fan Blades (Z20230E-03-03N);
  5. Brake Assembly (Z80230E-04);
  6. Brake Fixing Disc (Z80230E-04-01);
  7. Splined Shaft (Z40230E-06);
  8. Snap Ring E-25 (Z40230E-12);
  9. Bearing 6205 (Z40230E-10);
  10. Bearing Housing (Z40230E-01);
  11. Seal Cup (Z40230E-07);
  12. ¾” Seal 3/4"*:
  13. Impeller (Z80230E-05);
  14. Gasket (Z40230E-21);
  15. Volute Assy (Z51030E-02);
  16. Gasket (Z20230E-24);
  17. Pump Outlet (Z51030E-02-06);
  18. Pump Inlet (Z51030E-02-01).

For the complete spares kit:

  • Z40230E-30 - with Graphite and Ceramics seal;
  • Z40230E-30ST - with Tungsten and Silicon Carbide seal.

* The tungsten and silicon carbide seal (Z00231M-17) is more resistant to corrosion and is standard in the new pump version. Please contact the Zanoni team for guidance on how to use it on older models.

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