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Zanoni Equipamentos plays a crucial role in the 2020 fire season

The company equipped more than 40 aircraft and developed new technologies for aerial firefighting

19/04/2024 ás 23h04

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The period between July and October 2020 was marked by an above-average drought in Brazil, which led to a very large number of fires across the country. The year also saw the rise of agricultural aviation as an essential tool for protecting fields, crops, nature reserves and even urban environments. For three months, Brazilian agricultural aircraft flew 1,800 hours for fighting, making 6,800 dumpings that resulted in more than 10 million liters of water.

Zanoni Equipamentos has stood out as the main South American manufacturer of technology for adapting agricultural aircraft for this activity. Since 2006, we have been developing different types of gate for the entire Brazilian fleet, such as the mechanical and electro-hydraulic. As of 2018, we also started to supply the equipment to partners in Chile, Bolivia and Argentina.

The year 2020 was different for this product line: we equipped more than 40 aircraft in Brazil, surpassing the mark of 100 installed gates. We are constantly committed to offering the best quality to our partners in this field. In addition to new research already being scheduled for 2021 as a way to offer transparent data and information to facilitate the life of the agricultural pilot, some improvements to the gate are already under development or in the testing phase, which will be launched next year.

We would like to thank all the professionals who took part in the firefighting campaign throughout Brazil in 2020, especially our partners who place their trust in our work.


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