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Zanoni gates and our partner's work gain international prominence

During the first half of 2022, the work of several of our partners with aerial firefighting was highlighted internationally. The main mean of communication in the industry, Aerial Fire Magazine, dedicated a space in each of the last issues to tell the story of the aerial application companies Serrana, Rondon, Produtiva and Aerotex.

23/04/2024 ás 07h04

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During the last editions of Aerial Fire Magazine, the industry in Brazil has received constant attention.

Zanoni gates and our partner

This year's first issue featured a special on the work of our friends Caio Balzan, Gustavo Borges and Renato Oliveira Coelho (Serrana Aviação Agrícola). The team has stood out for its important fire-fighting work in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, contributing to the preservation of the Pantanal wetlands. The Balzan family has been at the forefront of aerial application in Brazil for years, contributing with Zanoni to the development of various technologies for the ag aviation industry.

In the next issue, the North American magazine highlighted our friends from Aero Agrícola Rondon. The company, which has been providing aerial application services for the grain and sugar-alcohol industry in Mato Grosso for decades, has also stood out in firefighting. In recent years, they have helped state governments protect nature reserves and residential areas, and more recently, they have also contributed to the protection of cotton and sugarcane crops from fire. Rondon was the first company to install our hydraulic gate model, helping us to develop one of the most used equipment by agricultural aviation for firefighting.

In the third issue of 2022, it was the turn of our friends Ruy Alberto Textor and Tiago Textor to gain international prominence. Aerotex Aviação Agrícola has excelled in this activity in Brazil, performing a very interesting and special service model for two main reasons:

  1. They have boosted aerial firefighting by farmers, fostering activity in the private sector and making the activity truly agricultural work. Bringing together various entities interested in the region, its brigade works as an important tool in protecting rural properties.
  2. They have achieved great success in controlling fires in the field with the use of smaller aircraft. Despite the greater difficulty in performing this service with piston aircraft, they demonstrate that with adequate training and equipment, it is possible to have an excellent performance.

The fourth issue brought the story of our friend Marino Neto, who for years has been providing aerial application service in one of the main sugar and alcohol hubs in the world, now he has also been helping with aerial firefighting. In addition to contributing with our team in the development of our gate for Thrush aircraft, the entrepreneur has helped in the development of the local market for this new agricultural aviation activity. Unlike other countries, where firefighting is mainly spearheaded by the government, in Brazil most environmental protection has been carried out by the agricultural sector.

In addition to materials circulated around the world through Aerial Fire Magazine, our gates were also featured in the Latin edition of AgAir Update (the world's most popular agricultural aviation journal). In this issue, the work of our friends at Agroalas in fighting fires was highlighted. The first operators in Argentina to install our fire (opening up a great space for cooperation between Brazil and our neighbors), they provide constant services to farmers in northwest Argentina, protecting their crops against fire during the dry season.

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