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Zanoni gate now with adjustment for solids spreading

New developments have made our equipment the most versatile in global ag aviation market. In addition to being able to regulate its opening from inside the cockpit, it is now possible to integrate it with the DGPS Agnav for the aerial spreading of fertilizers and seeds.

15/07/2024 ás 08h07

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The Zanoni hydraulic gate was initially developed to equip ag aircraft for firefighting, increasing the dumping speed in relation to conventional gate boxes. The technology stood out in the market due to its versatility, allowing the same aircraft configuration to be compatible with the application of pesticides and with the work of fighting fire with maximum efficiency.

After the suggestion of several partners, we have sought to further improve the equipment, offering new features that can also help the work of solids spreading. In this way, the Zanoni gate becomes the only technology available in the world ag aviation market that allows the performance of the three tasks: application of liquid pesticides, effective firefighting and spreading of solids.


Initially, we developed a mechanical system for regulating the opening of the gate. The first model had been offered for adjustment from outside the cockpit, being able to calibrate only with the aircraft stopped on the ground. Now, in 2022, we started to offer a mechanical adjustment system from inside the cockpit, similar to the conventional gate box. With this new feature, it is possible to mechanically control during flight how much the gate opens with each actuation. For firefighting, it is possible to modify the types of dumping (or "direct combat" or "firebreak") even after takeoff. For the spreading of solids, we now guarantee the calibration of the flow (still superficial) during the application and the unobstructing of the lid in case of formation of blockages caused by fertilizers or seeds.


Due to the difference in our gate compared to the conventional gate box (the arms that move the lid opening are more robust, to offer greater speed in the work), we needed to make some adaptations to adjust the solids spreaders that currently exist on the market. In addition to offering the central part of the solids spreaders (Z 40227 - compatible with the wings of spreaders from other brands), we have been working in partnership with the manufacturers of this equipment so that they can offer the best solution for Brazilian pilots.

DGPS and Agnav

Continuing our partnership with Agnav, we have been working to automate the fire gate. The first development along these lines was the creation of an open/close tool to integrate the Zanoni gate into the system polygon. This installation option is already available, through our partners from DGPS e Cia.

In addition to this first feature, a system 100% integrated with Agnav Platinum is under development. The opening control will be carried out more precisely (with real-time information on how much the gate is open) and it will be possible to work with solid spreading at a variable rate determined by the DGPS.

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