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Zanoni Spray Pumps

Power and durability for the agricultural pilot

15/07/2024 ás 09h07

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At the time when many aircrafts were still equipped with hydraulic and/or aluminum pumps, Zanoni Equipamentos began to develop spray pumps for ag aircraft, and launched what is now one of the company's flagships, the stainless steel spray pump.

Zanoni pumps, designed for various brands of agricultural aircraft, are characterized by their unmatched durability and power. With wide market acceptance and more than a thousand of them in operation around the world, the product's main features are the quality of its parts, the ease and accessibility of repairs and a performance that guarantees to the pilot the necessary strength for any job. Another characteristic highly praised by operators is the quality of its brakes, with a long service life.

Seeking to improve the equipment according to the suggestions received from our partners, the new pumps now have an even more resistant shaft and are manufactured entirely in stainless steel, including the bearing housing and all internal parts. In 2019, we also launched a new eight-bladed pump option, keeping up with the demand for high pressure spraying from larger planes, such as the Air Tractor 602 and Air Tractor 802.

In addition, the traditional seal has been replaced by one in tungsten and silicon carbide, result of a long period of research to offer the most resistant material to the aggressiveness and abrasiveness of agrochemicals. In recent years there has been a tendency to reduce the application rate and to increase the use of mixtures in the tanks, with the consequence of increasing the concentration of phytosanitary products and reducing the amount of water in the preparation of the loads. This scenario has represented a great challenge for the application technology in several aspects. Due to the high potential for corrosion and abrasion of these compositions, the spraying systems have suffered the most varied damages, causing problems in the work of the agricultural pilots and delays in the activities of the aircraft due to the maintenance time.

One of the equipment most affected by these problems is the spraying pumps, especially their mechanical seals, which, when used for the application with high concentration, have leaks and need to be replaced frequently. After a long period of research on the problem and working together with agrochemical producers and operators, Zanoni Equipamentos replaced the mechanical seal, now with durability well above the one produced in ceramics and graphite. The new pump seal is interchangeable with the previous version and can be used on older pumps, just as old seals can be used on new Zanoni pumps if the operator does not have a new seal at his disposal in an emergency.

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Zanoni Spray Pumps

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