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Zanoni gates contribute to firefighting worldwide

Agricultural pilots from several countries have sought our technology to equip their aircraft. Due to the versatility of our equipment, it fits perfectly for operators who work in regions with realities similar to the Brazilian one.

19/04/2024 ás 07h04

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In recent years, we have equipped agricultural aircraft with our gates in several countries from Latin America and Africa. As our technology is the most versatile available on the market (since it serves firefighting, application of liquids and spreading of solids in the same configuration as the aircraft), it has been perfectly matching the demand of countries similar to Brazil.

Zanoni gates contribute to firefighting worldwideComportas Zanoni em operação na África do Sul

In countries where the public sector has fewer resources (such as our neighbors in South America and African nations), aerial fire fighting has been developed mainly by the private sector. Unlike more developed countries, where the State has its own fleet, in Brazil we have witnessed the contracting (by state and federal governments) of aircraft owned by ag aviation companies or, mainly, the work being carried out 100% by the private sector.

Several companies (including sugarmills, farmers, cotton plants and pulp producers) have used their own ag aircraft or hired third parties to protect their properties (crops and legal reserves - farmer's private areas obligatorily designated by law for environmental preservation). This service is carried out through agreed shifts during periods of drought, with brigades that serve the various local stakeholders. Such a business model is, in a way, an innovation created by the Brazilian agricultural aviation market, which is now "exporting the idea" to other countries.

As the Zanoni gate is the only equipment that enables the application of agricultural pesticides and efficient dumpings for firefighting, it fits perfectly into this reality. The crop season in tropical countries lasts almost the whole year and, in many cases, the same aircraft needs to "spray in the morning and firefight at the end of the day". In these cases, it is essential that the aircraft configuration can be quickly converted between one task and another (in the case of the Zanoni gate, it is not even necessary to remove the spraying system), under the risk of fires spreading and aerial firefighting no longer being an efficient tool.

With dozens of aircraft equipped in other countries (in addition to hundreds in Brazil), Zanoni Equipamentos has constantly contributed to environmental preservation around the world and to bringing more knowledge and technology to the ag aviation industry.

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