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Zanoni transfer pumps receive great acceptance in the Brazilian market

Helping the farmer with durability and efficiency.

19/04/2024 ás 07h04

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Zanoni was the first Brazilian company to design and manufacture stainless steel transfer pumps for handling agrochemicals. In addition to the incomparable resistance of this material, our equipment offers a series of other characteristics to withstand the corrosion and offer greater performance to the operator.

Equipment that was initially developed to assist ag aviation operators in the past decade, our transfer pumps have become widely accepted by the Brazilian agricultural market in general. Together with mix tank and chemical inductor manufacturers, we started to develop solutions on a large scale for the loading of agrochemicals, currently serving the entire country with thousands of pumps produced annually.

Our projects are developed to preserve the useful life of the motor and pump, making it the most used equipment for handling agrochemicals in the Brazilian agricultural spraying market. We produce more than 1000 pumps annually, which are used by the main manufacturers of mix tanks and chemical inductors in South America.

Zanoni transfer pumps receive great acceptance in the Brazilian market

Zanoni transfer pumps:

  • Inlet and outlet made on demand.
  • Tungsten seal (best material for abrasive products).
  • Bearing housing (for motor protection).
  • Impeller (in stainless steel) of high performance (for any flow and pressure required).
  • Coated shaft (longer life).
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